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Articles récents

Fabre Tandem

Proposal for a small two-seater tandem ultralight aircraft, with thermal or electric engine, with folding wings* and towable without a trailer.Features:Wingspan: 9mLength: 5.80mWing area: 10.80m2Expected weight:In thermal version, with a 25 to 30k* engine, 20 liters of petrol and 160k of crew: 330 k. That is a wing loading of 30.5 k/m2In electric version, withLire la suite « Fabre Tandem »

1/2 scale Part 103 aircraft

Rough 1/2 scale model of my Part 103 folding wing airplane project to check the operation of the system and test its solidity. I first check that the folded wing passes well above the tail. We see that it passes widely, thanks to the inclination of the axis of the rotation pivot (see previous articles),Lire la suite « 1/2 scale Part 103 aircraft »

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