Electric aircraft with folding wings: Modification

My little plane is now towed by the tail. This makes it more stable on the road. It rests on its tail, on a small wheel, when the wings are folded and it stays on a tricycle landing gear when the wings are open.


Reminder of the folding wings principle with ball joints:

Below the ball joint is held on both sides:

Balance :

The balance was done at 30% of the chord, with 20k ballast (batteries) in front + 14k on the floor in front of the seat + a 80k pilot seated slightly forward of the point of balance. So on the ground, the plane remains on its 3 wheels with or without a pilot.

We would therefore have 34k of batteries and the expected total weight of the aircraft would be 220k, with a wing load of around 40k / m2.


Do you know these Yangda Solid State batteries?


30Ah – 2.6kg – 259 Wh / kg. With 34kg of these batteries we should be able to fly for at least 1 hour!


Unfortunately we need almost 15k on the stabilizer to tip the plane back when the pilot is installed. It will probably be necessary to move slightly the rear wheels of the landing gear forward to facilitate the rotation.

Ailerons control:

This is not solved. I had planned to use cables in housings which would have bent following the movements of the wings but I do not know if this is possible?

…and many other things remain unsolved.

Who wants to build this little plane for real?

For those who would like to buy my invention write to: fabreflyingcar@orange.fr (No negotiation below 50 euros!)

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