Who wants to try the adventure?

I think that in 20 years there will be many small planes like mine in the hangars of flight clubs, but also in garages and on the roads. And it will be thanks to the folding of the wings with a rod end. This rod end is not installed in the best way since it must withstand an axial load, but I showed with my tests that this load was low since less than 15% of the wing load, that is to say for my 240kg plane: 15% of 120kg in level flight, i.e. 18kg and 108kg at 6G, that’s very little. I remind you that I tested this 10mm rod end in this position at 181kg, or 10G! On the other hand, the radial load in compression is very high, approximately 1500kg at 6G! That is the maximum permissible radial load for this rod end. It would therefore be desirable to choose a 12 or even 14mm rod end for more security.

I made a plan of this plane so that it could obey the PART 103 regulations, I manage to reach nearly 10m2 of wing area, which would make a load of 24 to 25k/m2. If I choose a very high lift airfoil and full span flapperons this should be possible. What do you think? I am not able to build it, not competent enough as I’ve been told so many times here! but if someone is qualified enough and crazy enough to try the adventure?


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