New design and modifications

I redesigned my little plane, it’s a bit longer and the wingspan is increased. The rear part of the fuselage could be made of carbon. It is symmetrical, so 1/2 mold is enough.

Wingspan: 7,70m -Length:4,90m – Wing chord: 0,90m – Wing area:6,90m2- Weight:240kg – Wing load: 34,7kg/m2 – Cabin width: 0,70m – Horizontal stab: 1,26m2 – Vertical stab: 0,45m2

I suggest this attachment for the upper rod end, it is screwed over its entire stem length into a threaded tube:

The airfoil is a naca 2412, the rod end is a 12mm

To keep the rod end in the right position, I suggest holding it with a small blade shoved into a block of rubber, which allows the rod end stem to turn slightly when the wing is raised too much during the folding. So there is no risk of forcing it:

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  1. I like your concept very much, Laurent. The vertical tail volume (area x lever arm) does seem a bit small, I wonder if an H-tail would actually suit your design better? The twin vertical tails would act as end plates to make the horizontal tail more effective and the elevator would become a simple rectangle.


    1. On my design there is 2 small end plates at each side of the elevator. Perhaps you are right 2 vertical stabs and rudders would be better? Is it not difficult to move 2 rudders?


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