Fabre Tandem

Proposal for a small two-seater tandem ultralight aircraft, with thermal or electric engine, with folding wings* and towable without a trailer.Features:Wingspan: 9mLength: 5.80mWing area: 10.80m2Expected weight:In thermal version, with a 25 to 30k* engine, 20 liters of petrol and 160k of crew: 330 k. That is a wing loading of 30.5 k/m2In electric version, withLire la suite « Fabre Tandem »

Drones with folding wings

Since some doubt the strength of the rod ends why not test them on a drone? A 1/2 rc model of the Part 103 (4.50 wingspan, 2.75 long, 30kg weight) would allow to see if the system is solid. Or build a real-size unmanned aircraft, that could perhaps be of interest to the military?

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