Fabre Tandem

Proposal for a small two-seater tandem ultralight aircraft, with thermal or electric engine, with folding wings* and towable without a trailer.
Wingspan: 9m
Length: 5.80m
Wing area: 10.80m2
Expected weight:
In thermal version, with a 25 to 30k* engine, 20 liters of petrol and 160k of crew: 330 k. That is a wing loading of 30.5 k/m2
In electric version, with a 35 to 45 KW motor + 90k of batteries* and the same crew of 160k: 390k. That is a wing loading of 36 k/m2

  • Like a Hirth F23, 50hp or why not a Polini 303, 38hp if the aircraft is built very light??
  • For approximately 1h autonomy
  • The folding wing priciple is described in my previous articles
Rear seat

The plans have been scanned but the wingtips are missing!


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