15% of the load!

According to my last tests, more precise than the previous ones, the vertical load on the upper rod end which connects the wing to the fuselage represents less than 15% of the wing load. That is 15% of 120k = 18kg for 1G. For 6G = 108kg. I remind you that I tested the 10mm rod end at 181kg! Whatever the grumpy say, I maintain that we can therefore very well use a rod end as I did to fix the wing to the fuselage. The problem will be rather the fixings of the strut, which must withstand a traction of 2 times the load of the wing, that is to say at 6G: 720kg x 2 = 1440kg.

My engineering department:

15kg on the left, 10 kg on the right plus the 4kg board, i.e. 29 kg in total. And it takes a pull of less than 4kg to lift the board with the cord on the left, i.e. 14% of the total weight

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